Happy Father’s Day

Several Packers have had either a father or son also play in the NFL, but only two father-son pairs both played for Green Bay: the Pitts and the Flanigans.

Halfback Elijah Pitts would bring his son Ron into the locker room to hang out during the 1960s glory days; in 1988, Ron joined the Packers as a defensive back.  He had spent his first two years in Buffalo (where his father was coaching), and would spend the last three years of his career in Green Bay.


Jim Flanigan Sr. was a rookie linebacker on Lombardi’s last title team in 1967.  His son, Jim Jr., grew up in the Green Bay area, went to Notre Dame, and then played defensive tackle for seven years for the Chicago Bears.  In 2001 he signed with the Packers as a free agent and spent a busy year on the defensive line for his father’s team before becoming a salary cap casualty in 2002.


(Text adapted from Packers by the Numbers)

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