Lombardi’s Taxi Squad: 1967

In 1967, Lombardi made extensive use of the taxi squad, and not just his own, to replace injured players for the push to the fifth championship. Fullback Ben Wilson joined Green Bay from the Rams’ taxi squad, while fullback Chuck Mercein was headed to the Redskins’ cab team during the season when Vince intercepted him to replace an injured Elijah Pitts. Veteran defensive tackle Jim Colvin was claimed from the Cowboys and sat on the taxi squad for a few weeks in September while Lionel Aldridge’s broken leg heeled. Colvin later ended up playing with the Giants that season.

Two players remained on the Packers’ taxi squad all 1967: second round pick, speedy receiver Dave Dunaway, and fifth round pick, center Jay Bachman. Dunaway would appear in just two games with the 1968 Packers before being cut during the season. He finished that year with Atlanta and finished his career in 1969 as a backup receiver and punter with the Giants. Bachman played for Denver from 1968 to 1971 as a sometime starter.

14th round draftee receiver Claudis James, a converted college quarterback, began 1967 on the roster, but when receiver Bob Long recovered from knee surgery James moved to the taxi squad on October 1. That same date, defensive end Lionel Aldridge returned to the active roster, and tight end/linebacker Dick Capp moved to the taxi squad as well. On Friday, January 12th, just two days before Super Bowl II, Capp was reactivated by Green Bay to replace the injured tight end Allen Brown, and enthused, “Imagine me, a Boston Patriot cut, playing for the Packers in the Super Bowl.” He played a key role in that game by recovering a muffed punt at the end of the first half that led to a Don Chandler field goal that put the Packers firmly in control of Vince Lombardi’s swansong triumph in Miami.

1967pjcolvin  1967pddunaway2  1967pjbachman2

1967pcjames5  1967pdcapp4

1967 Philadelphia-style custom cards; all but Capp are colorized.

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