Training Camp Stories, 1972

In the Packers’ annual intrasquad game during the 1972 training camp, the star of both the Whites and the Greens was the same man, Frank Patrick.

Patrick was a 6’7” quarterback from Derry, Pennsylvania who was the starting signal caller for Nebraska in 1967. He lost his starting job as a junior and was switched to end as a senior when Jerry Tagge, a sophomore phenom from Green Bay, Wisconsin took control of the Husker offense. Patrick caught three passes as a senior and was selected in the 10th round of the 1970 draft as a quarterback by the Packers.

In his first two years, Patrick was most notable for two games against the Bears. In 1970, he came in relief and threw for 59 yards, while being sacked six times for minus-55. The following preseason, he inadvertently stepped on the end line when attempting to pass from his own end zone in a 1971 exhibition game against Chicago. That embarrassing safety was the only score in the Packers’ 2-0 loss.

In 1971, sixth round pick Scott Hunter took over the starting quarterback position from injured Bart Starr, who was playing in his final season. Green Bay used one of its two first round picks the following offseason on local hero Tagge, much to Patrick’s chagrin.

Tagge was not available for the July 26th intraquad game because he was in the College All-Star camp, so Patrick started for the Whites and led them to two first half touchdowns, including a touchdown pass to Ron Bullock in the second quarter. In the second half with the Greens trailing 20-0, Patrick pulled on a green jersey and replaced ineffectual Scott Hunter. Patrick threw a touchdown pass to Dave Hampton in the fourth quarter for the final tally in the 20-7 game won by the Whites.

Unfortunately, that success did not carry over to the regular season. Patrick fell behind Hunter and Tagge and threw only four passes in 1972 and was out of football in 1973.

1972tfpatrick  1972tjtagge  1972tshunter

1972 Topps-style custom cards; Patrick is colorized.

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