Cardless Starters of the Lombardi Era: Hank Gremminger, part 2

Hank Gremminger never was named All-Pro or made a Pro Bowl, but was a solid starter in the defensive backfield for the Packers for eight seasons. Vince Lombardi said of him in Run to Daylight:

I would say that no one has worked harder at making himself a fine defensive back than Hank Gremminger. Hank just won’t take your word for anything. You have to prove it to him and, unlike some of them, he’s mature enough to take criticism. He was an offensive end at Baylor, so he’s got the agility and the hands and the timing you need, and he’s a great student of his opponent. The odd thing about him is that he’s high-strung and nervous and tends to brood when he gets beat by a receiver. that’s unusual among defensive backs, because when you get beat back there you have to forget it and concentrate on the next play.

Gremminger picked off 28 passes as a Packer and recovered seven fumbles. Perhaps his most famous play came on October 13, 1963 against the Vikings. Minnesota trailed 30-28 with under two minutes to play when kicker Fred Cox lined up a 10-yard chip shot field goal to take the lead. Herb Adderley burst in from the left to block the kick, and Hank scooped up the loose ball at the 20 and raced 80 yards for the clinching score in Green Bay’s 37-28 victory.

1961thgremminger  1961fhgremminger4

1962thgremminger2  1963thgremminger4


Among the custom cards, all but the 1964 and 1965 Philadelphia’s are colorized.


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