Starr Time


I saw this ad in a 1957 game program and thought, “If only that earnest Starr fellow had dropped football, he might have risen to President and Manager of Green Bay Tire.”

Let me add a few fun facts about my favorite quarterback of all time drawn from my Quarterback Abstract:

Bart Starr’s Five Highest Honors

5. Selected to four Pro Bowls

4. Five-time All Pro and consensus All Pro once

3. Two-time Super Bowl MVP

2. 1966 Player of the Year

1. Elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1977

Bart Starr’s Five Top Touchdown Targets

5. Paul Hornung, 11 TDs

4. Ron Kramer, 12 TDs

3. Carroll Dale, 19 TDs

2. Max McGee, 25 TDs

1. Boyd Dowler, 28 TDs

Bart Starr’s Five Toughest Rivals

5. Starr was 4-1 against the Cowboys in the regular season and 2-0 in the playoffs.

4. Starr was 11-7 against the Vikings.

3. Starr was 11-10-3 against the Lions.

2. Starr was 15-8 against the Bears.

1. Starr was 9-9 against the Colts in the regular season and 1-0 in the playoffs.

Five Random Bart Starr Statistics

5. Starr exceeded the league average passer rating by 20% over his career.

4. Starr’s Packers outscored the league average by 5%.

3. Starr threw four touchdown passes against the Vikings on November 1, 1964 and the Cowboys on October 28, 1968 as well as against Dallas in the 1966 NFL Championship.

2. Starr threw for more than 300 yards five times.

1. Starr led the league in completion percentage three times, yards per attempt twice and passer rating three times.

Here’s hoping the team’s greatest role model is able to recover sufficiently to walk out onto Lambeau Field on Thanksgiving night to celebrate the retirement of Brett Favre’s number.

Starr, Unitas and Hornung all had rookie cards in the 1957 Topps set, but Bart’s should have come a year earlier as this colorized custom card represents:



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