Packers on the Job

One of the things that’s hard to conceive these days is that in the past professional football players had to find jobs in the offseason because football did not pay well enough to support them. Football was not an all-year thing in those days and there was no chance that a player would sign a contract that would make them “set for life.”

The player profiles in the 1954 game programs made note of what players did for a living off the gridiron. It’s interesting to imagine today’s players with the same responsibilities. Here are some of the more interesting jobs held by 1954 players with the current Packers at their positions in parentheses:

1954bdhanner  Hawg Hanner (B.J. Raji) worked on his dad’s farm.

1954bbdillon2  Bobby Dillon (Ha Ha Clinton-Dix) accountant at a lumberyard

1954bacarmichael  Al Carmichael (James Starks) movie extra

1954bjhelluin  Jerry Helluin (Leroy Guion) postal worker

1954brzatkoff  Roger “Zany” Zatkoff (Clay Matthews) teacher

1954bjmartinkovic2  John Martinkovic (Mike Daniels) construction foreman

1954bdstephenson Dave “Trapper” Stephenson (Corey Linsley) lifeguard

1954bdafflis3  Dick Afflis (Sitton or Lang) employed at Harold’s Club in Reno, Nevada (probably as a bouncer)


All the 1954 Bowman-style custom cards are colorized.


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