Clipboard Quarterbacks

On the Packers’ website, the team lists 31 players who were on the active roster in a season, but never appeared in a game. The only one prior to 1964 is Don Miller, a back from the University of Wisconsin signed as a free agent and on the roster for parts of 1941 and 1942 before he went into the service.

Not surprisingly, more than half, 16, were quarterbacks. Other marginal players are likely to at least get into a game on one of the kicking teams. Third quarterbacks are only there for emergencies, though. With the exception of Mark Brunell, we can be happy we didn’t get to see these guys line up under center any more than necessary:

1964 — Dennis Claridge (1965)

1974 – Dean Carlson

1978 — Neil Graff

1980 – Mark Miller

1985 – Joe Shield (1986)

1985 – Vince Ferragamo (1986)

1987 – John McCarthy

1989 — Blair Kiel (1988, 1990, 1991)

1990 – Mike Norseth

1992, 1994 – Ty Detmer (1993, 1995)

1993 – Mark Brunell (1994)

1998 – Rick Mirer

1999 – Aaron Brooks

2008 – Brian Brohm

2010-11 – Graham Harrell (2012)

None of the quarterbacks prior to 1990, had a Packer card, but we can fix that we these custom cards:

1964pdclaridge  1974tdcarlson

1978ngraff  1980tmmiller

1986tjshield  1986tvferragamo

1987tjmccarthy  1988tbkiel


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