Packers Top Rookie: 1960


The 1960 NFL draft was the last for scout Jack Vainisi and the first for Vince Lombardi, but it was not a very good one. The best pick, Iowa halfback Bob Jeter, came in round two, but instead signed in Canada with the BC Lions. The third and fourth round picks had been traded away, so following top pick Tom Moore, the next pick to make the team was fifth rounder Dale Hackbart from Wisconsin. Those traded draft picks had brought value in 1959, though. Quarterback Lamar McHan was acquired for the third rounder and Hall of Famer Henry Jordan for the fourth rounder.

The only other pick to make the squad was Paul Winslow, a halfback from North Carolina Central. Andy Cvercko, a guard from Northwestern drafted in the fifth round of the 1959 draft, also joined the team in 1960 after spending the prior season in the injured list. Finally, three free agents stuck in Green Bay in 1960: Willie Wood, a quarterback from USC; Ken Iman, a center/linebacker from Southeast Missouri State and Dick Pesonen, a defensive back from Minnesota-Duluth.

Winslow had one moment of glory as a Packer when he blocked a punt and fell on it in the end zone for a touchdown in the the season finale Western Conference clincher against the Rams in Los Angeles. Winslow left a year later in the Vikings expansion draft, while Cvercko was traded to the second-year Cowboys in 1961. Journeymen Hackbart and Pesonen would each play in the league for several seasons, but not for the Packers. Ken Iman was a talented reserve for four years in Green Bay, who was sent to Los Angeles as payment for Zeke Bratkowski in 1964 and started for the Rams at center for a decade.

Future Hall of Famer Willie Wood ultimately would prove to be the gem of the 1960 rookie class, but as a freshman, he struggled when he was inserted into the lineup at cornerback against the Colts and was nothing special returning punts. He would emerge as a star safety a year later.

Top pick Tom Moore, a halfback from Vanderbilt, was destined to be a reserve and kick returner for his entire Packer career, but played well right from the start. As a rookie, Moore averaged 5.3 yards per carry backing up Paul Hornung and led the league with a 33.1 kick return average. He was the Packers top rookie in 1960.


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