Lake to Lake

Continuing from the last post about the top rookie of Lombardi’s first championship team in 1961, that season also marked the only full team set of cards released of any Packer teams from the era. Almost.

The 36-card green-tinted set was distributed with the products of the Lake to Lake Dairy in Wisconsin. Three of the players in the set were no longer on the team in 1961: Larry Hickman was cut in August, Jim Temp retired in September and Andy Cvercko was traded to Dallas before the season. On the other hand, while top draft pick Herb Adderley and 14th rounder Nelson Toburen were included, five other players and Coach Lombardi were not. The five missing players included four rookies (Ron Kostelnik, Elijah Pitts, Lee Folkins and Ben Davidson) and veteran kicker Ben Agajanian, who was acquired in November.

To complete the set, I submit these custom cards:

37agajanian  38lfolkins2

39pitts  40kostelnik

41bdavidson3  42vlombardi

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