Top Ten Packer Triplets

10. Don Majkowski/Brent Fullwood/Sterling Sharpe. Majkowski had only one good year, but the fumbling, lackadaisical Fullwood is the real drag on this group.

9. Tobin Rote/Breezy Reid/Bill Howton. Rote was inconsistent, but underrated, and Howton was an All-Pro. Reid was a nice role player.

8. Red Dunn/Verne Lewellen/Johnny Blood. Blood is a Hall of Famer, and Lewellen should be, but more as an all-around back rather than a runner. Dunn was a smart play caller and good passer.

7. Cecil Isbell/Ted Fritsch/Don Hutson. Not together long due to Isbell’s early retirement.

6. Lynn Dickey/Ivery or Ellis/James Lofton. Eddie Lee Ivery and Gerry Ellis took turns leading the team in rushing so they are interchangeable. That would not have been the case had Ivery stayed healthy.

5. Arnie Herber/Clarke Hinkle/Don Hutson. Three Hall of Famers from the early days who each retired from the Packers as the NFL’s official All-Time leading yard-gainer for their position.

4. Young Favre/Dorsey Levens/Antonio Freeman. Unlike Favre, Levens and Freeman fell quickly from elite status.

3. Aaron Rodgers/Eddie Lacy/Jordy Nelson. Injuries and weight issues may keep this trio from rising any higher.

2. Old Favre/Ahman Green/Donald Driver. The team’s All-Time leaders in passing, rushing and receiving yards, although Driver was more consistent than spectacular.

1. Bart Starr/Jim Taylor/Boyd Dowler. Two Hall of Famers and Dowler, a member of the 1960s All-Decade Team, isn’t far behind.

hofbstarr  hofjtaylor

hovgbdowler2 The Professional Football Researchers Association inducts players into its Hall of Very Good each year.


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