Packers’ College Alumni Triplets

I was thinking more about Packer Triplets – star quarterback/receiver/running back combinations – but not for Green Bay. Rather, I thought about the colleges for whom these Packers played. Below is a table of the 24 that meet the slight criteria of a quarterback, a runner with at least one rush as a Packer and a receiver with at least one pass caught. Southern Mississippi falls short…Brett Favre has Terry Wells to hand off to, but no one to throw to; conversely, California’s Aaron Rodgers can throw to Richard Rodgers, but has no runner to give the ball to (1929 blocking back Jack Evans has no recorded rushes in his 2 games in Green Bay).

College QB RB E
Alabama Bart Starr Eddie Lacy Don Hutson
Alabama JV Scott Hunter Paul Ott Carruth Ted Cook
Arizona State Dennis Sproul Travis Williams John Jefferson
Arkansas Lamar McHan Lew Carpenter Al Baldwin
Boston College Matt Hasselbeck (Jack Concannon) Joe Johnson Mark Chmura
Georgia Zeke Bratkowski Breezy Reid Tom Nash
Kansas State Lynn Dickey Veryl Switzer Jordy Nelson (Paul Coffman)
LSU Matt Flynn (Alan Risher) Jim Taylor Ab Wimberly
Missouri Paul Christman Gerry Ellis Jon Staggers
Nebraska Jerry Tagge (Ferragamo/Claridge/Patrick) Ahman Green (Verne Lewellen) Bernie Scherer
Notre Dame Blair Kiel Paul Hornung Derrick Mayes
Ohio State Mike Tomczak John Brockington Terry Glenn
Oklahoma Jack Jacobs Vernand Morency Keith Jackson
Pacific Carlos Brown Willard Harrell A.D. Williams
Penn State Chuck Fusina Mike Meade Andrew Quarles
SMU John Roach Don McIlhenny Gene Wilson
South Carolina Bill Troup Larry Craig (Ken Roskie) Sterling Sharpe (Robert Brooks)
Texas Tech Graham Harrell Donny Anderson Bill Kelley
Tulsa TJ Rubley JR Boone Nolan Luhn (Clyde Goodnight)
UCLA Steve Bono Johnathan Franklin Spencer Havner
Virginia Don Majkowski Johnny Papit Carlton Elliott (Tyrone Davis)
Washington Mark Brunell Junior Coffey Kitrick Taylor
Wisconsin Randy Wright Ed Jankowski Milt Gantenbein
Wisconsin JV Scott Tolzein (Jug Girard) Gary Ellerson Jared Abbrederis
Yale Brian Dowling Chuck Mercein John Spagnola


Clearly, the top group here is Alabama with Hall of Famers Starr and Hutson as well as Eddie Lacy, who has had two excellent seasons in Green Bay. Other top groups include Kansas State, which is just solid across the board, Nebraska and Georgia. Notre Dame and LSU also feature one Hall of Famer a piece.

At the bottom, College of the Pacific, UCLA, Tulsa, Yale and the two “JV” teams have the least impressive collections of talent.

1961nubstarr  1951tdhutson

1951tldickey  1951tpcoffman

1951tdclaridge  1951tagreen

1955jtaylor1  1961nucmercein


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