Packer Cornhuskers

There are 6-8 universities that the Packers have drawn heavily enough from that we can create an entire 22-man Packer roster of alums. The first I will look at is Nebraska.


WR Bernie Scherer; George Seeman
TE Frank Patrick
T Royal Kahler; Forest McPherson
G Keith Wortman; Joe Sims
C Merle Zuver
QB Jerry Tagge; Dennis Claridge; Vince Ferragamo
RB Ahman Green; Verne Lewellen; Brandon Jackson
DE Lloyd Voss; Jared Tomich
DT Steve Warren; Danny Noonan
LB Charley Brock; George Sauer; Herman Rohrig
CB Tyrone Williams; Erwin Swiney
S Jim Burrow; Dave Mason
K Verne Lewellen
P Verne Lewellen


With that receiving corps, I think we’re looking at a full-house T-formation power running offense. The offensive line is pretty ordinary, though. None of the QBs did anything in Green Bay.

On defense, the line is fairly weak, the linebacking trio is made up of two-way players from the early days — although Charley Brock was an exceptional player – and the secondary is a bit plodding.

1929cvlewellen  1964plvoss3

Custom cards are colorized.

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