Packer Fighting Irish

There are 6-8 universities that the Packers have drawn heavily enough from that we can create an entire 22-man Packer roster of alums. Our second installment is for Notre Dame:


Notre Dame
WR Derrick Mayes; Red Mack
TE George Vergara
T Gus Cifelli; Joe Kurth; Paul Kell
G Aaron Taylor; Tim Huffman
C Art Hunter
QB Blair Kiel
RB Paul Hornung; Ryan Grant; Larry Coutre
DE Ross Browner; Bob Skoglund
DT Mike McCoy; Kevin Hardy
LB Bobby Leopold; Sam Palumbo; Rex Enright
CB Rod Smith; Randy Kinder; Allen Rossum
S Pat Terrell; John Petitbon
K Paul Hornung
P Curly Lambeau


This team is pretty solid on offense with the exception of quarterback, where we might do better substituting Hornung in for Kiel. On defense, the front line is not too bad, but the linebacking is weak. The secondary is fairly average.

1925sclambeau  1954bahunterr



Lambeau and Hunter custom cards are colorized.


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