Packers Top Rookie: 1969


With Vince Lombardi in Washington, Packer Coach/GM Phil Bengtson asserted himself in the 1969 draft, and it was a disaster. According to team historian Cliff Christl’s interviews with personnel man Pat Peppler, Bengtson went against everyone in the Green Bay draft room to select 6’7” defensive tackle Rich Moore of Villanova with the 12th pick in the 1969 draft because he was enamored of Moore’s size. Other players on the board at the time included Fred Dryer, Gene Washington, Roger Wehrli and Ted Hendricks. Moore would last just two years in the NFL.

Altogether, the Packers selected 18 players in 17 rounds, and all seven rookies on the 1969 roster came from the draft. Penn State guard Dave Bradley came in round two, Northern Illinois receiver John Spilis in round three, Purdue fullback Perry Williams in round four, USC tackle Bill Hayhoe in round five, Texas El Paso tight end Ron Jones in round six and Wyoming halfback Dave Hampton in round nine.

Williams was an able kicking teams player and Hayhoe would prove to be a decent starting tackle when he could stay healthy, but the best player from the class was Hampton. Although he had trouble holding on to the ball at times, Hampton was especially good as a kick returner and scored on one as a rookie, the first of three kick return TDs Dave would record in Green Bay. Traded in 1972 to Atlanta, he led the Falcons in rushing four years in a row. By default, Dave Hampton was the Packers top rookie in 1969.

1969trmoore5  1969tbhayhoe

1969trjones2  1969treturnaces

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