Packer Trojans

Packer Trojans

There are 6-8 universities that the Packers have drawn heavily enough from that we can create an entire 22-man Packer roster of alums. Our fourth installment is Southern California:

WR Erik Affholter; Ray Wehba
TE Scott Galbraith
T Ken Ruettgers; Bill Hayhoe; John Michaels; Bill Bain
G Mel Jackson; Al Barry
C Nate Baragar
QB Willie Wood
RB Al Carmichael; Ben Wilson
DE Matt Koart; Brent Moore
DT Rich Dimler; Ernie Smith
LB Nick Perry; Clay Matthews; Brain Williams; Lamont Hollinquest
CB Jim Psaltis; Elbert Watts
S Roy Baker; Russ Saunders
K Ernie Smith


Our Trojan team boasts a very strong offensive line and adequate running backs. Our quarterback, Willie Wood, was the first black QB at USC back in the 1950s, but he doesn’t have much talent to which to throw. Defensive line and secondary and weak, but linebacking, featuring a host of recent players, is solid. And if we wanted add a coach, Mike Holmgren is available.

1951twwood  1951tacarmichael

1961nubwilson  1951tcmatthews


Wood, Carmichael and Holmgren custom cards are colorized.

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