Crimson Tide Packers

There are 6-8 universities that the Packers have drawn heavily enough from that we can create an entire 22-man Packer roster of alums. Our sixth installment is Alabama:

WR Don Hutson; Ted Cook
TE Ben Smith
T Steve Wright; Claude Perry
G Bruce Jones; Buddy Aydelette
C Larry Lauer
QB Bart Starr; Scott Hunter
RB Eddie Lacy; Paul Ott Carruth
DE Byron Braggs; Jim Bowdoin
DT Terry Jones; Bill Lee
LB Rich Wingo; Randy Scott; Antonio London
CB Rebel Steiner; Al Romine
S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix; George Teague
K Don Hutson
P Bart Starr


The best part of the Alabama Packers are the “triplets:” Hutson, Starr and Lacy. The offensive line features a couple of worthy players from the early days, as does the defensive line, but neither fares as well with more recent players. The linebacking corps and secondary are both pretty solid, though.

1951tdhutson  1961nubstarr


Custom cards are colorized.

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