Packer Golden Gophers

There are 6-8 universities that the Packers have drawn heavily enough from that we can create an entire 22-man Packer roster of alums. Our eighth and final installment, though, lacks a quarterback so our Minnesota team runs the single-wing on offense.

E Dick O’Donnell; Dewey Lyle; Bob Tenner
T Dick Wildung; Warren Killburne
G Gale Gillingham; Larry Olsonoski
C Bud Svendsen
TB Hal Van Every
RB Bruce Smith; Andy Uram; Darrell Thompson
DE Aaron Brown; Bill Johnson
DT Urban Odson; Charles Shultz
LB George Svendsen; Clayton Tonnemaker; Jim Carter; Tom MacLeod; Mike Hunt
CB Larry Buhler; Chris Darkins
S Clarence Thompson; Cully Lidberg
K Andy Uram
P Hal Van Every


The Minnesota alum team features a strong offensive line and running game, but tailback Hal Van Every only completed 23 of 71 passes with the Packers so the passing game is not much of a threat. On defense, the plethora of skilled linebackers would probably lead to a 3-4 defense that was strong against the run. The defensive secondary, though, lacks speed.

1951tbsmith  1951tdwildung

1951tctonnemaker  1961nuggilly

All custom cards are colorized.


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