Obscure Origins: Part 1 of 2

Recently, I created Packer alumni teams for each of the major colleges that have produced the most Green Bay players. Here, let’s take a look at the more obscure launching points for Packers. Below is a list of colleges that sent between 6-10 players to the NFL through 2015. I have limited the search to players who have played since 1950, but earlier Packer players for these schools are noted, too.

NFL Players School Packer Earlier Packers
10 John Carroll Ed Ecker
10 SW Missouri State Bob Dees
10 Tarleton State Randy Winkler
10 West Alabama Charles Martin
10 Coastal Carolinas Maurice Simpkins
10 Henderson State K.D. Williams
9 Southwestern Texas Carlton Massey
9 Northeast State (OK) Bob Hudson
9 Wayne State (NE) Rubin Mendoza
9 Delta State Aubrey Matthews
9 Missouri Southern Allen Barbre
8 Austin Billy Bookout
8 Valparaiso Fuzzy Thurston
8 Morningside Herb McMath
8 Gustavus Adolphus Kurt Ploeger Earl Witte 1934
7 Oachita Baptist Ed Neal
7 Hillsdale Chester Marcol
7 American Intl. Terry Randolph
6 Wisconsin Superior Dom Moselle
6 Loras Howard Ruetz Tom Cronin 1922
6 Minnesota Duluth Dick Pesonen,

David Vianee

6 Calif. Riverside Michael Basinger
6 Clark (GA) Walter Landers
6 Trinity Joe Shield
6 Chadron State Don Beebe
6 Newberry Brandon Bostick

1951teecker  1951tfthurston

1952bbdees2  1953bhruetz2

Custom cards all colorized.

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