Obscure Origins: Part 2 of 2

To finish up last week’s post on Packers from obscure colleges, here are the Packers with the rarest collegiate origins. Below is a list of colleges that sent between 1-5 players to the NFL through 2015. I have limited the search to players who have played since 1950, but earlier Packer players for these schools are noted, too. Five Packers are the only NFL players to hail from their alma maters, but most unique of all is Elijah Pitts because Philander Smith no longer fields a football team. Pitts is the only NFL player who will ever come from his small historically-black college.

NFL Players School Packer Earlier Packers
5 Fort Hays State Frankie Neal
5 Shippensburg John Kuhn, Rob Davis
5 Gardner Webb Gabe Wilkins
5 Missouri Western Michael Hill
4 St John’s (MN) John McDowell John Blood 1929+
4 Evansville Marty Amsler
4 St. Norbert Larry Krause
4 Yankton Les Goodman, Ruben Mendoza
4 Macalester Lee Nystrom
3 Wisconsin Stevens Point Ted Fritsch
3 West Liberty State Mark Murphy
3 Old Dominion Rick Lovato
2 Doane Kevin Hunt
2 Long Beach CC Charles Jordan
2 Graceland College (IA) Herb Goodman
2 Knoxville Grady Jackson
1 Cortland State R-Kal Truluck
1 Black Hills State Zac Alcorn
1 Regina (Canada) Jon Ryan
1 Mississippi Delta CC Juran Bolden
1 Philander Smith Elijah Pitts

1961tepitts4  1964pjmcdowell6

1970tlkrause  1972tkhunt2

McDowell custom card is colorized.

One thought on “Obscure Origins: Part 2 of 2

  1. I have at least one card of Larry Krause, the local player who made the team after being picked in the 17th round. Your mention here prompted me to dig further, and I found this story from 2012 … I did not know that he had actually been the final cut from camp and picked up on waivers by the Steelers.

    From the story, I really like Pat Peppler’s quote regarding asking Steeler’s owner Art Rooney, Sr., to reconsider:

    “‘I told Art he was a local kid, and we’d like to keep him,” Peppler said. “Art was a great guy and let Krause go. He knew down the road the favor would be returned.'”

    A different time for the league, I guess.

    Story at:


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