Don Hutson’s Playdium

dhutson postcard

In the 1940s, Don Hutson and teammate Buckets Goldenberg opened a bowling alley called the Packer Playdium in Green Bay. An $80,000 building, it featured 10 alleys on each of its two floors, and the owners successfully lobbied city council in 1942 to allow for a bar on both floors; up to that point alcohol was only allowed to be sold at street level.

In a January 21, 1947 Milwaukee Journal piece by writer Billy Sixty, Hutson demonstrated a passion for his new sport:

“Man, oh man,” with that pleasant Southern drawl of his, “I sure am tickled about it. Yessir, I got 610 with a 182 finish the highest score for me this year – and I got it in the right place. Feels like I got it now, footwork, arm swinging in the groove. I’m going to get in a lot of practice because – well, there’s nothing now that I get a bigger kick out of than a string of strikes.”

Hutson was as successful off the field as on it. He was involved in several businesses, but most prominently purchased a Chevrolet and Cadillac car dealership in Racine and became a millionaire. He is probably the biggest star in NFL history who has not been the subject of a biography.

nc1930dhutson  1948ldhutson

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