Red Mack

Born on June 19, William “Red” Mack appeared in just nine regular season games for the Packers, but was part of the Super Bowl I team. Mack played for Notre Dame and was a 10th round pick of the Steelers in 1961. A deep threat with speed, Mack averaged 22.8 yards per catch on his 44 receptions over five years with Pittsburgh and Philadelphia before going to Atlanta in the expansion draft in 1966.

Meanwhile in Green Bay, Bob Long went down to an injury in the second week of the 1966 season. With the team looking for a replacement, ends coach Bob Schnelker remembered his Steeler teammate from 1961 who was waived by Atlanta after one game. Mack replaced Long on the team and then when Bob returned in November, Mack stayed on the roster with tight end Allen Brown going on the injured list.

Mack never caught a pass from Bart Starr, but was a feisty gunner on the kicking teams. The next year, Red returned for training camp, and Jerry Kramer recounted in Instant Replay the memorable duel between the 5’10” 180 pound receiver and 240 pound linebacker Ray Nitschke in the nutcracker drill. Nitschke was reluctant to take part in the mismatch, but Mack reportedly cried, “Get in here, you sonuvabitch, and let’s go.” Ray flattened the undersized Mack with a forearm, but Red woozily got back in line. He was cut in the second week of camp that year.


Custom card in 1966 Topps style.




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