Packers Top Rookie: 1990


Coming off the surprise 10-6 season of 1989, things briefly appeared to be looking up for Green Bay in 1990, and the team did pick up some valuable talent in the draft that year. In fact, all eight rookies who made the team were draftees as the team looked to Plan B free agency to supplement the acquisition of new talent for the second straight year rather than undrafted free agents.

The packers had two first round picks in 1989 and selected Mississippi pass rusher Tony Bennett with the first and Minnesota runner Darrell Thompson with the second. Florida state corner Leroy Butler came in round two, North Carolina State linebacker Bobby Houston in round three, Louisiana-Monroe tight end Jackie Harris in round four, Memphis receiver Charles Wilson in round five, Northern Iowa linebacker Bryce Paup in round six and Stanford defensive end Lester Archambeau in round seven.

Bennett was selected to be a book end pass rusher to Tim Harris and did have a couple of good seasons in Green Bay, but was let go when the team switched to a 4-3 defense in 1994. Thompson was a bust, especially considering that the Giants selected fellow big back Rodney Hampton five slots lower and got 5,000 more rushing yards as a result. Harris and Paup slowly developed into very good pros, but Houston, Wilson and Archambeau never became much in Green Bay. Obviously, that leaves Mr. Butler, an all-time Packer. Although Leroy did not move into the starting lineup at cornerback until his second year, he got on the field a lot as a rookie and picked off three passes; Leroy Butler was the Packers’ top rookie in 1990.

1990tbpaup  1990tlarchambeau

1990tcwilson  Archambeau custom card is colorized.

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