Some Personal Favorites

Some of my favorite Packer publications are of the oddball variety. Here are four from the 1960s that you sometimes see on ebay and are worth picking up.

Packers of the Past – From September 28 to December 9, 1965, the Milwaukee Journal ran a series of articles on 20 stars who predated Vince Lombardi’s Packers. The features are written by in-house writers like Chuck Johnson, Ollie Kuechle, Terry Bledsoe and Bob Wolf and cover not only the biggest stars, but also some lesser lights like Andy Uram and Eddie Jankowski. The only post-Lambeau players included are Tobin Rote and Billy Howton. It’s a great look at the early days of the franchise.

The Fabulous Green Bay Packers – Three years later, The Journal gathered its coverage of the postseason games for the 1965-67 three-peat into a stand-alone publication that also featured a few nice color photos. These pieces are reprints of the original game articles by Chuck Johnson, Terry Bledsoe and others.  Johnson’s introduction notes that the booklet “serves as a visual guide to go along with ‘The Glory Years’ recording of radio highlights of Packer victories, as told by Ted Moore of WTMJ, the Milwaukee Journal station.” The LP is also a nice acquisition if you still have a turntable. The audio can also be found on YouTube.

The Lombardi Era and the Green Bay Packers – published in 1968 by the Green Bay Packer Yearbook and edited by Art Daley and Jack Yuenger, this booklet is filled with articles that summarize the period, plus lots of black and white photos, statistics and box scores. The pieces were written by representatives of all three local papers, and there is a syndicated piece by national columnist Jim Murray.

50 Years of Professional Football, 1919-1968: A Complete Picture History of the Green Bay Packers – this glossy publication was produced by photographer Hank Lefebvre and Ray O. Wanek for the Green Bay Packer Alumni Association. Captions to the photos are nearly the only text, but there are team photos for each season as well as many other black and white shots from the Stiller brothers and Hank Lefebvre. It is a wonderful historical artifact.

1956tdhanner2  1956tfcone2


A couple colorized custom cards based on Stiller-Lefebvre photos.


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