Ten Essential Packer Books: #10

1982-Packer Legend-A

The Packer Legend: An Inside Look by John Torinus (Laranmark Press, 1982).

Torinus’ mentor was George Whitney Calhoun, editor on the Green Bay Press Gazette, who helped found the team and served as its publicist until 1949. Torinus began as Calhoun’s assistant at the paper and in 1949 joined the team’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee. Torinus eventually rose to executive editor on the newspaper. As such, Torinus was witness to much behind-the-scenes activity, stretching from the team’s early days through 1982 when this book was written, just three years before the author’s death. Torinus terms it “more a collection recollections than a history of the Green Bay Packers,” and the author does take an informal approach. In addition to the history of the team on the field and in the board room, there are several sidebar sections that provide a fuller picture of the team, covering such items as the team’s broadcasters, the Lumberjack Band and the Packer Hall of Fame. The book is packed with photographs as well.



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