Packers Top Rookie: 1993


Ron Wolf had two first round picks in 1993, and both moved into the starting lineup as rookies: Clemson linebacker Wayne Simmons and Alabama safety George Teague. Wolf primarily focused on defensive players and tackles in this draft: Texas A&M-Kingsville tackle Earl Dotson in round three, Auburn linebacker James Willis in round five, Louisiana Tech cornerback Doug Evans and Western Michigan tackle Paul Hutchins in round six. Two other picks, Washington quarterback Mark Brunell in round five and Navy defensive tackle Bob Kuberski in round seven, did not make the active roster in 1993. However, two 1992 draft picks appeared in their first games in 1993: Boston College tight end Mark Chmura and BYU quarterback Ty Detmer. Rounding out the 10-player rookie class were runner Kevin Williams, a fifth round pick of the Broncos, and Gilbert Brown, a third round pick of Minnesota.

Ultimately, five of these players would have significant careers in Green Bay. Dotson was a stalwart tackle, Evans an excellent corner, Chmura a reliable tight end, Brown a sometimes force at nose tackle and top pick Simmons. Teague started for three years with the Packers, but was a bit of a disappointment. Simmons also never lived up to his potential, but was a vocal leader on the team for five years; good enough to start as a rookie, Wayne Simmons was the Packers’ top rookie in 1993.


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