Packers Top Rookie: 1994


After making the playoffs in 1993, the Packers turned over a lot of players in 1994 in the attempt to keep improving, but the 15-man rookie class that year was a disappointment. Ron Wolf selected All-America Aaron Taylor in round one of the draft, but the Notre Dame guard tore up his knee on the third day of rookie minicamp and was out for the season. The draft picks that made the team in 1994 were Northern Illinois runner LeShon Johnson in round three, Gardner-Webb defensive end Gabe Wilkins in round four, Florida A&M wide receiver Terry Mickens and Georgia Tech runner Dorsey Levens in round five and Tulane linebacker Ruffin Hamilton in round six. Levens would develop into a star, but barely got on the field as a rookie. Wilkins and Mickens were role players, Johnson was a bust and Hamilton appeared in just five games as a Packer.

Backup quarterback Mark Brunell, a 1993 draftee, made the team in 1994, as did three free agents drafted by other teams: punter Craig Hentrich, tackle Gary Brown and defensive back Forey Duckett. Only Hentrich would remain in town more than two years.

Six undrafted free agents who were rookies for Green Bay in 1994: defensive backs Ray Wilson and Lenny McGill, receiver Charles Jordan, tight end Jeff Wilner, linebacker Mark Williams and guard Charles Hope. None made any impact.

Ultimately, the only first-year-man who made a significant contribution in 1994 was the big-legged punter; in a weak class, Craig Hentrich was the Packers’ top rookie in 1994.

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