Packers Top Rookie: 1996


Gearing up for their Super Bowl run of 1996, the Packers took on just eight rookies, only one of whom would ever be much of a contributor to the franchise. Four rookies came from the draft: USC tackle John Michels in round one, Notre Dame receiver Derrick Mayes in round two, Nebraska cornerback Tyrone Williams in round three and Ball State defensive end Keith McKenzie in round seven. The two best players in the draft class, center Mike Flanagan from round three and guard Marco Rivera from round six, didn’t make the active roster in 1996. Michels and Mayes both proved to be busts, and McKenzie just a role player. Williams, however, would earn a starting position a year later.

The other four rookies included defensive back Chris Hayes, cut by the Jets, and three undrafted free agents: defensive back Corey Dowden, defensive back Mike Robinson and runner Brian Satterfield. None of them would ever play in Green Bay again after 1996.

Tyrone Williams overcame legal problems to become the team’s regular slot corner in his first season; he was the Packers’ top rookie in 1996.

1996jmichels  1996dmayes

1996kmckenzie  1996bsatterfield

1996cdowden  1996mrobinson

1996chayes  1996twilliams

Custom cards in 1961 Fleer style (with the logo facing the right way).


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