Ten Essential Packer Books: #6

starr book

Bart Starr: A Perspective on Victory by John Wiebusch (Follett, 1972)

In addition to NFL Films, the league once had an additional marketing entry with its National Football League Book series. These books generally had high production values with texts written by prominent football writers and lots of striking photos. This book is a good example of the series. The text is written by veteran sportswriter John Wiebusch but consists mostly of Bart Starr talking and is illustrated by scores of Vern Biever photos. Published on the occasion of Starr’s retirement, the book has two main parts. The first is Starr’s life story; the second is Starr remembering 20 key games from his career, accompanied by Biever’s photos from those games. The final game listed is the Packers’ 20-19 win over the Bears in 1970. Starr discusses how the young backs Larry Krause and Perry Williams came through in the game-winning drive and says:

They proved what I’ve always said – that you really can’t imagine how much you have within you until you are pressed to find out. This is why a person should actually look forward to a challenge. And a person should never be afraid of being beaten out in a situation like that. You’re not any less a man if you are. The response to a challenge is what it’s all about.

Words to live by.

1970tlkrause  1970tpwilliams

1970 Topps style custom cards.

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