Ten Essential Packer Books: #4

names1 names2

names3 names4

The History of the Green Bay Packers. By Larry Names (Angel Press, 1987, 1989, 1990, 1995)

Let’s make that “Ten Essential Packer Titles,” since this entry is a four-volume set published over an eight-year period. Twenty years later, it is still the most thorough history of the team, at least through 1958 when the final volume concludes. Names meticulously went through the original source material of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, the team’s founding organization, to uncover the true story of the team.

In the process, he debunks myths and apocrypha, provides extensive details on the team’s series of financial crises, depicts Curly Lambeau with all his flaws and foibles and uncovers proof of little known facts, such as Joe Hoeffel being the Packers’ real first head coach. Names is the go-to monographic source for the first 40 years of the Green Bay Packers.


Colorized custom card in 1926 Spaulding style.



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