Packers Top Rookie: 2002


Mike Sherman took over as GM after Ron Wolf’s retirement, and 2002 was his first draft. It was marked by two trades involving draft picks. Sherman gave up fourth round picks in 2002 and 2003 to obtain the services of disgruntled Patriots’ receiver Terry Glenn in March. Then, on draft day, the GM traded the Packers first and second round picks to Seattle to move up eight slots in the first round and grab Florida State wide receiver Javon Walker. Walker would eventually make one Pro Bowl in Green Bay before also becoming disgruntled.

With his remaining picks, Sherman took UCLA safety Marques Anderson in round three, Miami runner Najeh Davenport in round four and Iowa defensive end Aaron Kampman in round five. Wisconsin guard Bill Ferrario, a fourth round pick from 2001, also made the roster this year.

Six undrafted free agents also made the team: tackle Kevin Barry, runner Tony Fisher, linebacker Paris Lennon, 5’6” returner J.T. Moses, defensive back Erwin Swiney and cornerback Marcus Wilkins. From this group, Barry and Lennon proved to be valuable role players

Of the four draft picks, neither Walker nor Davenport had any impact as rookies. Kampman moved into the starting lineup towards the end of the year, but Anderson started 11 games, intercepted four passes and recovered two fumbles. Although Kampman would ultimately be the brightest star of the class, and the UCLA safety would fade from the starting lineup in his sophomore year, Marques Anderson was the Packers’ top rookie in 2002.


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