A First for Angelo Fields

September 15 is the 59th birthday of tackle Angelo Fields. The 6’6” 300+ pound Fields was drafted out of Michigan State in the second round of the 1980 draft by the Houston Oilers. Angelo played in 30 games over the next two seasons with Houston, but was more noted for his weight problems than his performance. The Packers obtained his rights for a number three pick in July 1982, but he suffered a knee injury a month later and was assigned to the injured list. He was activated for the finale of the strike-shortened 1982 season, but did not appear in that game.

According to the team’s 1983 media guide, Fields appeared in both playoff games that season, but he is not listed in the all-time roster of the team. That makes him one of two Packers who only appeared in the postseason for the team; the other being linebacker Mike Merriweather in 1993, but Merriweather is listed in the team’s all-time roster. Fields was cut the following year, and neither he nor Merriweather ever appeared in another NFL game after their Packer playoff exposure.

Two other Packers made their first appearance as Packers in the postseason. Receiver Bill Schroeder was promoted from the practice squad for the 1994 playoffs. He then played for the team from 1997-2001. Linebacker Jim Nelson played his first game as a Packer in Mike Holmgren’s last game as coach, a postseason loss to the 49ers following the 1998 season. He then played for Green Bay during the 1999 season before moving on to the Vikings in 2000.

One other name that comes to mind with this obscure topic is tight end/linebacker Dick Capp, who was activated from the Packer taxi squad for Super Bowl II to replace the injured Allen Brown. Capp made the most of his opportunity by recovering a muffed punt at midfield at the end of the first half that led to a Don Chandler field goal to put the Packers up by nine at the intermission. However, Capp previously had appeared in the team’s first two games in 1967. He finished his brief NFL career with the Steelers in 1968.


Fields’ custom card is colorized.

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