Atlantic City Layover


For many years, the Packers tended to end their season on extended road trips for weather-related reasons. 1930 was a good example. The defending world champions began the year 7-0, with six of the games in Green bay and one in nearby Minneapolis. One win came against their chief rivals, the New York Giants on October 5. However, the second half of the season was entirely on the road, beginning with a November 9 victory over the Bears in Chicago. A week later, the Pack lost to Cardinals, also in Chicago.

From there the team hit the East Coast. The Milwaukee Journal reported on November 23:

The Packers arrived in New York Friday night [the 20th], 23 strong and set up their camp at the Lincoln Hotel, Times Square. The squad included Darling, Earpe, Zuver, Frant, Michalske, Woodin, Bowdoin, Perry, Sleight, Kern Hubbard, O’Donnell, Dilweg Nash, Lewellen, Dunn, Pape, Blood, Englemann, Fitzgibbons, Molenda and McCrary.

The Packers would lose to the Giants 13-6 and fall behind them in the standings. The story continues:

The Packers will remain in the east 10 days. Following their engagement with the Giants, they will go to Atlantic City until Wednesday when they will leave for Philadelphia and the game with the Philadelphia [Frankford] Yellowjackets Thanksgiving day. From here they will return to New York to meet the Stapleton club at Stapleton, about 30 miles outside New York, a week from Sunday. They will then go back to Atlantic City and remain there until Thursday when they will leave for Chicago to meet the Chicago Bears again Sunday, Dec. 7.

The Packers were originally scheduled to play Newark a week from Sunday, but the Newark club hit financial rocks and the game with Stapleton was substituted. The Packers have never played Stapleton before.

The above picture on display at the Packer Hall of Fame depicts 18 of the players listed as having made the trip. Jug Earp, Chief Franta, Oran Paper and Johnny Blood did not make the picture. The photo does include two other players though. Rookie Arnie Herber must have joined the team at some point because he appeared in both the Thanksgiving game victory over Frankford and the triumph on Staten Island three days later.

The other player depicted is more interesting. Mule Wilson began the season with the Giants. He was released in mid-November to make room for Red Cagle and signed on with the Stapletons, helping them defeat the Giants on Thanksgiving Day and putting the Packers back in first place. A week later, the Packers announced that Wilson had signed with them on December 4th back in Green Bay. Wilson played for Green Bay in the loss to the Bears on December and then all season in 1931.

Green Bay concluded its championship season by tying the Portsmouth Spartans in Ohio on December 14. They went 3-3-1 in the second half of the season in which they played no games at home. The Packers edged out the 13-4 Giants by .004 percentage points to win the league title for a second consecutive season.

1929cjblood  1929cjearp

1929ccfranta  1929copape


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