Packers Top Rookie: 1926


Of the 10 rookies employed by the 1926 Packers, half would never play in the NFL again. Guard Walt McGaw had just a one-game pro career; guard Wes Carlson played in just four contests and guard Adolph Bieberstein appeared in only one as a Packer, although he also played for Racine that season. Back Jack MacAuliffe and end Dick Flaherty had more extensive playing time in their one year as Packers. Flaherty was a starter and even scored two touchdowns.

Meanwhile, backs Rex Enright and Pid Purdy, as well as tackle Hector Cyre all had two-year pro careers. Notre Dame’s Enright scored one touchdown as a rookie, while Beloit’s Purdy was the team’s primary kicker with 14 extra points and two field goals. Pid was one of three rookies from Beloit, along with the aforementioned McGaw and MacAuliffe, and the 5’5” 150-pound Purdy also played left field for four years in the major leagues.

The two best rookies were 235-pound Gonzaga tackle Ivan “Tiny” Cahoon and Minnesota fullback Carl “Cully” Lidberg. Cahoon was a four-year starter in Green Bay until a knee injury ended his career in 1929. Lidberg was a rugged fullback who dropped out of the league for two years after scoring 24 points in his rookie year only to return for the 1929 and 1930 championship seasons; Cully Lidberg was the Packers’ top rookie in 1926.

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