Packers Top Rookie: 1928


Two of the Packers’ five rookies in 1928 would stick with the team through its run of three consecutive NFL championships from 1929-31. The other three had shorter experiences in Green Bay. Back John “Slick” Lollar appeared in just three games for the Packers in 1928 and that was his entire NFL career. Iowa center Hal Griffen played in five games for the Packers as a rookie. He later played for the Portsmouth Spartans in 1930 and 1932, serving as the team’s coach in 1930. After his football life, he ran a remote trading post in Alaska and died from asphyxiation when his coal stove went out on New Year’s Day, 1947. Notre Dame’s Harry O’Boyle was a 5’9” 170-pound fullback who played in ten games as a rookie and scored 23 points, mostly as a kicker. Harry dropped out of the league for three years but returned to play for Green Bay again in 1932 and the Eagles in 1933.

The two rookie finds for 1928 were Georgia end Tom Nash and Alabama guard Jim Bowdoin. Nash scored three touchdowns and two safeties in his five years as a Packer. Known for his solid line play on both sides of the ball, he received All-League recognition from 1930-32. Bowdoin moved right into the starting lineup as a rookie. He was a rock on the line for four seasons in Green Bay before finishing his career with three other teams from 1932-34. Bowdoin got into more games than Nash as a rookie; in a close call, Jim Bowdoin was the Packers’ top rookie in 1928.

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