We’ve all heard the story of how the undrafted Willie Wood wrote to all the NFL teams asking for a tryout in 1960, with only Vince Lombardi and Jack Vainisi expressing interest. Green Bay brought the short, black Southern California quarterback in for a look-see and a Hall of Fame safety emerged.

Last year, when I was touring the Packer Hall of Fame, I was interested to note in a Willie Wood display a copy of a brief scouting report prepared by George Dickson on Wood October 25, 1958 for the Packers. The scout commented on the 5’9” 173-pound junior quarterback/tailback:

He could have been a great prospect, but I doubt if he will by the time he graduates. Might be a defensive back prospect. Good competitor.

No indication is given as to why Wood was no longer considered a prospect. I always wondered why Al Davis, USC’s line coach, didn’t sign Wood for the Chargers when Al moved there as an assistant coach in 1960.

1960twwood  1961twwood2

1961fwwood  1962twwood2

1963fwwood2  1964twwood2

Custom cards in early 1960s styles.

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