Packers Top Rookie: 1932


1932 offers most likely the easiest top rookie selection in team history. Coming off three consecutive championships, Curly Lambeau brought in only three rookies that year, and only one would still be with the team a year later. That one would turn out to be a Hall of Famer, elected in the Hall’s second year of operation, 1964.

The other two rookies were linemen who also played for the Bears. Notre Dame tackle Al Culver appeared in just one game for Green Bay and three for Chicago in his only year in the NFL. Indiana guard Joe Zeller played in all 14 Packer games in his rookie season and then moved on to Chicago to play for George Halas for the next six years.

The year’s find was Bucknell fullback Clarke Hinkle. On offense, Hinkle ran for 331 yards, scored three touchdowns, and kicked one extra point. He led the Packers in rushing and finished eighth in league in that category. On defense, he established himself as one of the hardest hitting linebackers in the league. By a wide margin, Clarke Hinkle was the Packers’ top rookie in 1932.

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