Scouting Report: Herb Adderley

In his senior year at Michigan State, Herb Adderley was scouted by the Packers when the Spartans played Indiana. The scouting report is posted at the Packer Hall of Fame:

Offensive Ability: This fellow’s got it. Good movement. Strong power. Good pass receiver. He’ll hit in there where it’s thick

Defensive Ability: He can play defense.

Favorable Pro Points: Big and strong. Can take their beating. Runs with “receivers abandon.” He’ll make the short yardage when you need it.

Evaluation as Pro Possibility and Discuss Desire: Good

I have to say that the “He can play defense” comment turned out to be an understatement. The primary thrust of the report was that Herb would not shy away from contact, and that would be borne out by both his willingness to play the run and by his skill for rough tackling. The scout was also rather terse in the final category on Adderley’s pro potential and desire.

1961thadderley2  1961thadderley3

1961fhadderleydraft  1961fhadderley2

Fleer draft pick custom card is colorized.


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