Packers Top Rookie: 1936


In the championship season of 1936, the Packers brought in six rookies. Two came via the brand new NFL draft with San Francisco guard Russ Letlow being the Packers’ first-ever draft pick, the seventh overall selection in draft history. Only one of the team’s other eight initial draft picks made the squad that year – Nebraska end Bernie Scherer, and he would only last with the Packers for two seasons as a reserve.

Four rookies were signed as free agents. Washington & Jefferson guard Tony Paulekas and USC back Cal Clemons played only one NFL season a piece. St. Mary’s halfback Harry Mattos appeared in just two games as a Packer and then played one more season for the Cleveland Rams. South Dakota State halfback Paul Miller spent two seasons in Green Bay and scored three touchdowns as a rookie.

Letlow appeared in eight games as a rookie and would spend eight seasons in Green Bay, wrapped around a three-year tour in the service during the War. Letlow would draw All-Pro notice in four seasons; Russ Letlow was the Packers’ top rookie in 1936.

1936rletlow2  1936bscherer

1936pmiller  1936cclemens

1936hmattos  1936tpaulekas


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