Scouting Report: Jim Taylor

A scouting report on LSU senior Jim Taylor is posted in the Packer Hall of Fame exhibits. The scout assessed the future Hall of Famer as such:

I think Jimmy Taylor is a fine pro prospect. ..

Has very fine hands and is a good short pass receiver.

He is lazy in his blocking but could be a good one.

Very sound of body and legs and has never been hurt…

He is the type that will make a better pro than college player. Good extra point man…

He is the type that will play as long as he can.

Not too smart. Just what you are looking for in brains…

I have seen John Crow play this season. Both he and Jimmy Taylor are Louisiana boys. In high school Taylor was a better boy. I think Taylor will hold up better in pro ball for Crow has had knee trouble at times.


Taylor indeed became a very fine and willing blocker in Green Bay, and throughout his life proved himself to be much smarter and shrewder than anyone gave him credit for.

The comparison to John David Crow is particularly interesting. Crow won the Heisman Trophy that year for Bear Bryant at Texas A&M and was the second overall pick in the draft by the Cardinals. He had a very fine 11-year career, but continually battled injuries as the scout predicted. While Taylor was a workhorse for Lombardi, carrying the ball over 200 times for seven consecutive seasons and five times surpassing 1,000 yards, Crow never carried the ball more than 183 times in his third year…the only time he topped 1,000 yards rushing.

Taylor, the 15th overall pick, would outgain Crow by 3,500 yards rushing, but Crow did gain 2,000 yards more receiving than Jimmy. Taylor drew All-Pro notice six times and went to five Pro Bowls; Crow drew All-Pro notice three times and went to four Pro Bowls. Jimmy is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame; John David is in the College Football Hall of Fame.

1958tjtaylor4  1959bjtaylor

1960tjtaylor2  1962p0jtaylor

1964tjtaylor2  1966tjtaylor

1958 custom Taylor is colorized.


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