Packers Top Rookie: 1943


Of the 30 players the Packers selected in the 1943 NFL draft only one would play for Green Bay that season, Benedictine tail back Irv Comp. Eight other draftees would join the team later in the decade, with top pick Dick Wildung and 11th rounder Bob Forte the best of the class.

Another of the four Packer rookies in 1943 came from the draft as well, St. Mary’s fullback Tony Falkensein, but he was originally drafted in the 12th round of the 1938 draft. He appeared in 10 games for the 1943 Packers and then split the 1944 season between the Brooklyn Dodgers and Boston Yanks.

Two rookie undrafted free agent guards also were rookies this season: Sherwood Fries from Colorado State and Glen Sorenson from Utah State. Fries lasted just one year, while Sorenson stuck with the team through 1945.

Comp, who would play in Green Bay for six seasons, completed half of his passes for 662 yards, seven touchdowns and four interceptions. On defense, he was second in the league with 10 interceptions; Irv Comp was the Packers’ top rookie for 1943.

1943tfalkenstein  1943gsorensonsfries

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