Packer Bulletin 10/4/31

Oct 4, 1931 - I

From 1928-31, the Packers printed up weekly one-sheet promotions called the Packer Bulletin. On the front were newsletter articles and short items, while the back featured the game announcement and often the lineups as well.

The Bulletin dated October 4, 1931 advertised the upcoming October 11 match with the Chicago Cardinals. An interview with Cardinals’ Coach Leroy Andrews held after the Packers-Bears game of September 27 in which Green Bay switched from a seven- to a six-man line on defense quotes him saying: “The Packers’ defense got most of my attention. I’ll be at Green Bay next Sunday because I’m curious to learn if it will work as well against the New York Giants, who have a different offense than that the Bears showed.” He added, “Mark what I tell you. I predict their defense will not get by against other Packer foes – and certainly not against us.”

The Giants came to town and lost to the Packers 27-7 on October 4, however, it is not known whether Andrews was in the house. On October 5, he was back home in Kansas City, having been fired by the Cardinals. When the Cardinals played the Packers on October 11 under new Coach Ernie Nevers, it was just their second game of the season despite being Green Bay’s fifth.

The Packers beat the Cardinal 26-7 on the strength of three touchdowns by Johnny Blood, two on pass receptions from Red Dunn and one on a 35-yard interception return. Blood scored a league-leading 14 touchdowns in 1931. The Packers won their third straight title with a 12-2 record, while the Cardinals finished fourth in the league with a 5-4 record, having played five fewer games than the champs. Andrews, formerly the coach in Kansas City, Cleveland, Detroit and New York, never coached in the NFL again.

1931jblood  1931rdunn

Custom Cards are colorized.

Oct 4, 1931 - II


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