Head Exploding

OK, as the headline indicates, I think my head is exploding. With the death of Babe Parilli two days ago, most media outlets have run his obituary. Unfortunately, the New York Times — which recently was in the news for its mass layoffs of its fact-checkers — and CBS Sports evidently relied on the incorrect Wikipedia article on the Babe by noting that he spent three years in two stints playing for the Ottawa Rough Riders — from 1954-55 after leaving the Packers the first time and 1959 after leaving them the second time..

Parilli did catch on with Ottawa in 1959 after being cut by rookie Packers’ Coach Vince Lombardi. However, in 1954, Parilli was inducted into the U.S. Air Force. With the Packers’ needing a backup quarterback, they traded the unavailable Parilli to the Browns for the available-but-unable Bobby Garrett. After two years in the USAF, Parilli spent one season with the Browns before being traded back to Green Bay.

Canadian Football historical stats are online at: https://stats.cfldb.ca/

Tod Maher and Bob Gill have also published a few editions of The Canadian Pro Football Encyclopedia for those who like print sources.

Instead, the NYT and CBS went with alternative facts, to use the phrase of the day.

RIP Babe.


1956tbparilli  1957tbparilli2

1958tbparilli  1959CFLBPARILLI

Most of these custom cards of Parilli are colorized.


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