1946 All-Time Packer Teams

On November 5, 1946, the Green Bay Press-Gazette announced they were conducting a poll to determine the Packers’ All-Time team in commemoration of the Packers’ 25th anniversary in the NFL. Fans were instructed to not just pick two ends tackles and guards, but a left end and right end and so forth. The article included Curly Lambeau’s selections, and they are listed below. Curly noted that if the team were running the “quick opening” style offense from the 1920s, Dunn would be the passer at quarterback and Lewellen the left half, but if the offense was the Notre Dame Box, then Larry Craig would be the blocking quarterback and Cecil Isbell the passing halfback.

The poll ran for two weeks, with daily vote totals featured during the voting. On November 19, the paper announced the results denoted below. I included the vote totals as well as a second team based on that measure (not broken down by left/right). While Arnie Herber’s total at quarterback is the lowest winning vote, it should be noted that he also garnered 383 votes as a left halfback for an overall total of 1,364 votes. While Herber was neglected by Lambeau’s selections, it was Isbell who was deserted by the fans with just 338 votes at both quarterback and halfback.

The fans reversed the positions of Hubbard and Buck from what Lambeau had and gave fewer than 20 votes each to such standouts as Tony Canadeo, Curly Lambeau, Bob Monnett, Hank Bruder, Lon Evans, Pete Tinsley and Bill Lee. They also gave one vote for Hutson at guard and Isbell at tackle. The biggest surprise to me in the votes is Elmer “Red” Sleight finishing fourth at tackle ahead of Baby Ray and others. Sleight only spent two years with the Packers. It was no surprise that Don Hutson garnered the most votes of all.

POS First Team Votes Second Team Votes Curly’s Picks
LE Don Hutson 1798 Tom Nash 44 Don Hutson
LT Cal Hubbard 1734 Ernie Smith 261 Cub Buck
LG Mike Michalske 1738 Russ Letlow 251 Mike Michalske
C Charley Brock 1538 Jug Earp 181 Charley Brock
RG Buckets Goldenberg 1738 Tiny Engebretsen 136 Buckets Goldenberg
RT Cub Buck 1087 Red Sleight 239 Cal Hubbard
RE Lavvie Dilweg 1551 Milt Gantenbein 278 Lavvie Dilweg
QB Arnie Herber 981 Red Dunn 669 Red Dunn/Larry Craig
LH Verne Lewellen 1442 Arnie Herber/Cecil Isbell 383/325 Verne Lewellen/Cecil Isbell
RH Johnny Blood 1545 Joe Laws 80 Johnny Blood
FB Clarke Hinkle 1789 Ted Fritsch 91 Clarke Hinkle

2waydhutsonc  2waychinklec

2waymichalskec2  2wayaherberc

2wayvlewellenc  2waydilweg2c

Custom cards all colorized.


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