Packers by the Numbers Update: #17

17 has been worn by 23 Packers, 14 in the two-way era and just nine in the last 68 years. The number was first worn by center Fred “Ojay” Larson in 1925. He was followed on the front line by centers Boob Darling (1927-28) and Art Bultman (1934), as well as guards Lon Evans (1933), Mike Buchianeri (1945) and Merv Pregulman (1946) and end Roy Wehba (1944). Backs who wore 17 under Curly Lambeau include Cully Lidberg (1926), Roy Baker (1929), Red Dunn (1930), Mule Wilson (1931), George Sauer (1937), Cecil Isbell (1938-42) and Ed Cody (1947-48).

Since 1950, 17 has been donned by linebacker Carl Schuette (1950-51); quarterbacks Lamar McHan, Jerry Tagge (1972-74) and David Whitehurst (1977-83); halfback Travis Williams (briefly in 1967); punters Don Bracken (1985-90) and Craig Hentrich (1994-97); replacement defensive back Don King (1987); and wide receiver Davante Adams since 2014.

Darling, Evans, Dunn, Isbell and Williams are all members of the Packer Hall of Fame. Williams was a questionable selection, but the other four made extended contributions to Packer success. Isbell is still the greatest Packer to ever wear the number, but Adams has done 17 proud in recent years. When Davante chose the number in 2014, he was the first Packer to wear it in 17 years, oddly enough.

1925sflarson  1937ygsauer

1942cisbell2  1944rwehbac2

1946mpregulman  1960tlmchan2

1967ptwilliams3  1983tdwhitehurst2

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