Packers by the Numbers Update: #18

18 has been worn by just three Packers since the publication of Packers by the Numbers, but two of them share the number’s longest tenure for Green Bay at seven years a piece – backup quarterback Doug Pederson and receiver Randall Cobb.

Overall, the number has been worn by 34 Packers, 18 in the Lambeau era and 14 players since. 18 was first worn by end Elmer Wilkins in 1925. In the two-way era, he was succeeded by ends George Tuttle (1927), Carl Mulleneaux (1938), Alex Urban (1944), Bob Kercher (1944) and Ted Cremer (1948); backs Pid Purdy (1926), Paul Fitzgibbon (1930), Russ Saunders (1931), Bob Monnett (1933), Hank Bruder (1936-38), Tony Falkenstein (1943) and Ken Keuper (1945-47); and linemen Billy Young (1929), Leo Disend (1940), Fred Shirey (1940), Fred Vant Hull (1942) and Lou Ferry (1949).

In the modern era, 18 has been worn by guards Chuck Drulis (1950) and Charlie Robinson (1951); quarterbacks Tobin Rote (1952-56), John Roach (1961), Jim Zorn (1985), Joe Shield (1986), Mike Tomczak (1991) and Pederson (1996-98, 2001-04); punters Ken Duncan (1971) and Randy Walker (1974); kicker Joe Danelo (1975); and wide receivers Randy Vataha (1977), Carlyle Holiday (2006-07) and Cobb (2011-17).

Before Pederson, Tobin Rote was the Packer who wore 18 the longest, and he also was the most talented Packer to wear it, despite his inconsistency and the lack of team success in his time. Rote also threw more than 1,300 passes in the 60 games that he wore 18, while Pederson threw 77 in 66 appearances as Brett Favre’s caddy.

More recently, Randall Cobb has made 18 his own, appearing in over 90 games in the past seven years and catching more than 400 passes as one of Aaron Rodgers’ most reliable targets.

1925sewilkins  1935hbruder

1942fvanthull  1946kkeuper

1951bcrobinson2  1953btrote

1985tjzorn  1991tmtomczak

1998dpederson  Rookies2011rcobb

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